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In this data-driven guide, we used customer retailer satisfaction data to find the best place to buy an electric scooter.

Best Electric Scooter Retailers

There are so many different electric scooters carried by a plethora of retailers.

Some can only be purchased directly from the manufacturer, while others are available from large online retailers and marketplaces. You might be wondering if buying from a place like AliExpress is legit or if it’s safer to stick with buying directly from a giant like Amazon.

The data presented are from the 2018 r/ElectricScooter survey.

Who Are the Highest Rated Electric Scooter Retailers?

Electric scooter owners answered two questions aimed at evaluating buying experience based on seller.  These were: How satisfied were you with your buying experience? and How likely are you to recommend this seller?

In order to compare retailers, we combined these scores into a Retailer Satisfaction Score (shown below).

Only retailers with >5 responses are shown.  The average satisfaction score was 4.2/5. The generic “Local store,” Newegg, and Streetwheels PH scored highest with 4.7/5 satisfaction score.

Interesting, AliExpess and Ebay, marketplaces where overall buying experience depends heavily on the individual seller, rated slightly higher than buying from Amazon or directly from the manufacturer.

Fortunately, every major scooter retailer source scored well above ⅗ — not bad!

Should I Buy an Electric Scooter Directly from the Manufacturer?

We used all the available data, pooled into three categories, to determine if buying directly from the manufacturer, local store, or an online seller were best.

Purchasing from a local store (e.g. local specialized shops and not big-box retailers or department stores) was the highest rated (4.7/5), most likely due to the high touch service and expertise they can provide.

Buying directly from manufacturer (score: 4/5) or indirectly from an online retailer (score: 4.1/5) were rated similarly.

Who Should I Buy an Electric Scooter From?

Conventional wisdom would say that buying straight from the manufacturer, even if it is more expensive or less convenient, is the best option. However, the data tell a different story: buyers reported highest satisfaction when buying from specialized local shops.

Manufacturer and online retailers (e.g. Amazon, eBay, AliExpress) scored lower.

One final thing to consider, overlooked in the 2018 r/ElectricScooter survey (though a topic to focus on future surveys) is return policy or warranty.  While established big-box retailers typically have excellent return policies, that is not always the case with sellers on AliExpress or eBay.

A slight savings through an online marketplace and untested seller may not be worth the potential downside.


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