Ultron T128 Pro Electric Scooter

Ultron T128 PRO is the undisputed king of the Ultron brand. For both urban and country locations, a powerful dual motor with multiple speed options is available. It weights 40 kilogrammes and folds up quickly. All required information is displayed on an LCD monitor. In the evening or at night, two strong LED headlights make everything visible.

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Ultron’s finest product in 2022. Engines: 2x3000w, with the option of switching to one or four-wheel drive, and a top speed of 85 km/h with a maximum speed of 95 km. Cruise control, recovery, speed selection, and other features are available on the multifunctional control panel of Ultron T128 Pro Electric Scooter. Driving with pneumatic suspension is very comfortable, and it is possible to install a seat and adjust the protection (city or countryside). Because a sinusoidal controller is installed in Ultron T128 Pro , the speed is gradually increased without shaking.

Two motors, each with a power of 3000 W. 6000 watts in total. The lithium battery has a voltage of 60 V and a capacity of 35 Ah. 85 km/h is the top speed. The ride’s maximum range on a single charge is 95 kilometres. Time to charge: 9-18 hours Additional charges can be connected to speed up the process by up to two times.

The air suspension on the electric scooter offers for a really comfortable ride. The guards on the 11-inch wheels can also be changed. You can turn on one or both wheels at the same time. Enjoy the ride by moving slightly over bumps. Electric scooter with multiple functions for use in the city and on rough terrain.

Cruise control, recuperation, and a 3-speed regime with more than 20 settings are all included on the electric scooter. Your driving comfort is ensured by the pneumatic absorption mechanism on both wheels.

The battery guarantee is one year or 2000 kilometres, whichever comes first. Inquire about the engine, wheels, brakes, speed, and other technical specifications by contacting us. We will respond to all questions.

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