About Us

Malaysia’s #1 online destination for brand name electric scooters, gas scooters, and electric bikes is Powerescooter.com. Thousands of pleased clients have trusted us to help them find the motorised scooter or bike of their dreams! How did we rise to the top?

  1. Brands you can rely on.
  2. You can rely on our service.
  3. Our pricing are unbeatable.
  4. A large assortment of scooters and bikes are available.
  5. Every item in our store comes with free shipping (or discounted freight).
  6. We sell parts for every scooter and motorcycle we sell.
  7. Excellent client service. Our professional and courteous customer care staff answers all phone calls and responds to all emails immediately.

Have you ever wondered why scooters and bikes with motors are so popular? Our consumers have told us why they adore our scooters and bikes over the years. Some of the reasons why people suffer from Motorized Scooter Mania are as follows:

  1. A cost-effective solution for short-distance transit.
  2. They’re a lot of fun for both teens and adults.
  3. Fast access to and from the bus, train, or subway.
  4. High school students arrive at school in style.
  5. College students are quick to get around campus.
  6. A fun and simple method to run errands around town.
  7. For local travel, RV and boat owners carry one on board.
  8. Our electric scooters are pollution-free, quiet, and environmentally sustainable.
  • We hope you enjoy your visit to Powerecooters.com. If you have any further questions about our company, feel free to contact us at info@Powerescooter.com.